Preschool & Pre-K Life

What We Do in the Eagle's Nest?

  • Art Activities help children creatively express their thoughts and feelings. 

  • Bible Lessons and Daily Devotions provide the students with biblical teaching and time to focus on the Creator.

  • Circle Time is a group time in which we share our ideas, plans, and observations.

  • Daily Specials rotate throughout the week.  Specials offered are art, music, library, and PE (Physical Education).  Each class is taught by an experienced specialist.

  • Dramatic Play Activities help children express themselves, role play, practice life skills, improve social skills, build vocabulary, and solve problems through interactive and imaginative play.

  • Fine-Motor Activities help improve small muscle development and eye-hand coordination. 

  • Gross-Motor Activities give children the opportunity to use their muscles – as well as their imaginations – as they engage in fun, healthy exercises, such as running, jumping, and climbing. 

  • Literacy Activities provide children with meaningful interactions with books and print.

  • Math Activities offer children hands-on opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and such concepts as counting (rote and one-to-one correspondence), sorting objects by one or two attributes, and matching/identifying simple shapes. 

  • Music Activities promote children’s listening skills, creative expression, and social skills. 

  • Recitation is the practice of memorization in the format of call and response.  Students memorize educational content that becomes the building blocks on which their future curriculum will be built upon.

  • Science Activities offer children many hands-on opportunities for observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions, and experimentation. 

  • Self-Help Activities are integrated throughout the day and foster independence as children learn to take responsibility for their personal belongings, classroom materials, and the environment.


The Eagle's Nest Trike-a-thon is annual event for our littlest eagles!  Preschool and pre-kindergartens ride their tricycles or scooters to help support TC and to prepare them for the elementary bike-a-thon, which is one of the longest standing fundraisers for the students at Toledo Christian.  Parents and volunteers line the small path at the school to cheer on the students and encourage them to ride their best for the school.
trike-a-thon 1 trike-a-thon trike-a-thon