Elementary Life (K-6)

Elementary Life

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities both inside and outside the classroom.  Students are encouraged to “think big” as the second through fifth grade classes present projects at school-wide events.  These events include the second grade Rainforest Cafe, the third grade Young Authors’ Day, the fourth grade Economic Expo, and the fifth grade Wax Museum.  Sixth graders spend all year practicing servant leadership in a special program called Sixth Grade Scholars. All students, kindergarten through fifth grade participate in a musical production during the year, while the sixth graders participate in either beginning band or beginning choir.  

Eagle FourteenEagle 14

The Eagle 14 code of conduct was created to proactively guide each student's interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships.  Elementary students memorize the Eagle 14 and recite it each morning to begin the day.  Teachers and students reference the Eagle 14 throughout each day.

Sixth Grade Scholars6th Grade Scholars

The purpose of the Sixth Grade Scholars program is to train students in the area of leadership and provide opportunities for them to put the principles of servant leadership into practice.  Students are trained in practical classroom support skills, such as making copies, putting up bulletin boards, and working with younger students.  Students receive continual training by studying a leader from the Bible before they head to the other elementary classrooms to serve.


Clubs and Organizations

After school, the opportunities continue through elementary athletics (running, basketball, football, cheerleading), Young Rembrandt’s Art Club, Kingdom Kids Show Choir, Spark Your Noodle Robotics,  Spark Your Noodle Drama Club, Spark Your Noodle Adventure (STEM) Club, Girls on the Run, and American Heritage Girls.

Junior Eagles Athletics

Students in Grades 3 - 6.  Our Junior Eagle Athletics program is run mostly by parent volunteers.  Parents help to organize and coach several sports teams such as running, cheerleading, football, basketball, and baseball.

Kingdom Kids Show Choir

Students in Grades 3 - 5.  Kingdom Kids is an after school audition choir for students in Grades 3 and higher. The Kingdom Kids have performed at area churches, retirement and nursing homes spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song and movement. They have also performed The Star Spangled Banner at Walleye and Mudhens games.  At TC, the Kingdom Kids lead the Elementary Chapel three times each school year. 

Young Rembrandt's Art Club

Students in Grades 4 - 6.  Students receive extensive instruction in drawing, painting, ceramics, and photography which allows them to explore new ways to express their creativity.  Students enjoy unique artistic opportunities, including participation in the Ohio Junior Duck Stamp Competition and painting trash receptacles with their artistic flair for the Toledo city parks.  Students also have an opportunity to exhibit their creations in a fall and spring art show each year.

Spark Your Noodle Robotics

Students in Grades 2 - 6. Learning to program a computer is an essential skill to have in today's world. Students increase creativity and learn the skills needed to create precise and accurate instructions and have fun while they're learning. Robotics help prepare students for the future. It is an ideal format for creativity, engineering, and technology to combine in a unique learning experience.

Spark Your Noodle Drama Club

Students in Grades 2 - 6. Drama improves articulation, tone of speech, and expression, as well as listening and observation skills. Through improvisation, students develop confidence and understanding in how to appraise situations and be more confident going into unfamiliar situations. The Drama Club helps students develop creativity, the ability to think on their feet, approach tasks from different perspectives, and think outside the box.

Spark Your Noodle Adventure (STEM)

Students in Grades 2 - 6. Studies show that students who participate in activities involving innovation begin to see themselves as learners who have good ideas and can transform those ideas into reality. Making and tinkering influences the development of higher levels of thought processes, vision, ability to connect ideas, and promotes both autonomy and collaboration.

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”



The TC Bike-a-thon is one of the largest and long-standing fundraisers for Toledo Christian. For nearly 40 years, it has been a fun day of biking for all of our elementary students and a time of fellowship and community for all of our current parents, former parents, grandparents, and friends of TC who come out to volunteer, ride with the students, and encourage the bikers. Funds raised through the bike-a-thon go toward the Eagle 1 Fund.  

Summer Activities

Camp Invention Logo

Camp Invention

Camp Invention® is a nationally acclaimed summer program where STEM concepts come to life. Led by local teachers, this program has tapped into kids' natural curiosity since 1990, giving them the opportunity to become innovators through teamwork and immersive, hands-on creative problem-solving. 

Spark Your Noodle

Spark Your Noodle Adventure & Drama Summer Camps

Spark your noodle with this high energy camp experience, which brings a new adventure every day.  Each day presents challenges in thinking and problem solving skills while sparking creativity and imagination.

TC Athletic LogoTC Summer Athletic Camps

Toledo Christian provides several athletic summer camps for students entering Grades 2 - 8.  Camps provide quality instruction by a warm and caring staff that emphasize character development and sportsmanship.