ChapelWe value corporate worship at Toledo Christian. This is why chapel is such a big part of our spiritual development process. We have three separate chapels designed to help students encounter God in a way that is age appropriate.
Elementary students participate in video worship led by our 6th grade students and have interactive messages based on monthly themes that relate to the core values of Toledo Christian. Students begin each chapel with prayer and pledges to the American flag, Christian flag and the Bible. Each grade level, throughout the year, also receives an opportunity to a lead chapel of their peers. Parents are always welcome to attend our Thursday chapels.
Junior high and high school students each have their own student led worship teams, and hear from a variety of speakers from both our staff and many of our local churches. Students also have opportunities through the Tribes and the House programs to run and lead a chapel of their peers.

Our goal is to help our students meet God where they are and take the next step forward. We try to present what is true, good, and beautiful about who God is and what genuine Christianity has to offer. We also involve students in our chapel presentations. Through worship, readings, skits, testimonies, and from elementary chapels led by individual classes to House chapels in high school, most of our students will have an opportunity to be part of delivering a chapel at some time throughout the school year.   

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