The Homeschool Program at Toledo Christian is available at all grade levels, kindergarten through twelfth grade. This program allows parents the freedom and flexibility to choose the Christian curriculum of their choice.

Course Work

The educational plan is designed by the parents. The primary teaching parent has the responsibility of implementing the lessons, learning objectives and assessments through projects, field trips, labs, worksheets, quizzes, tests, writing assignments and observations.

The parent compiles the curriculum that the student will use for each discipline with the help and guidance of the TC Independent Study/Homeschool Coordinator. The course work may be collected from a wide variety of resources; TC in-house classes, purchased curriculum in print or online, homeschool co-op classes, College Credit Plus for electives, private lessons, and any resources available from the IS/Homeschool department.

Families have the freedom to choose the best curriculum for their children in accordance with the Toledo Christian Statement of Faith. Classical Christian curriculum is recommended for all K-12 students but is only required for junior high and high school students in the Independent Study program.


By partnering with Toledo Christian, families can expect to be supported by our Independent Study/Homeschool Coordinator, have access to curriculum resources, be a part of our amazing school community, participate in family gatherings, and create life long friendships.


After School Clubs (i.e. Art Club, Kingdom Club, Robotics)
Class Parties, Activities, and Field Trips
Homeschool Excel Day – Drop Off Program
Field Day
Music, Gym, Art, Chapel, and Library
Pizza Hut Book it Program
Renaissance Star Math and Reading Assessments
Scripps National Spelling Bee
Junior Eagles Athletics
Thanksgiving Feast
Weekly Elementary Chapel

Junior High

Access to Campus Classes (up to 3)
Access to Learning Commons & Chromebooks
Class Field Trips & Events
Extracurricular Activities & Clubs
Field Day
Great Shake Speech Event
Musical and Theater Productions
Renaissance Star Math and Reading Assessments
Scripps National Spelling Bee
TAAC Athletics
TC Leads (Leadership Development)
Tribe Activities & Competitions
Weekly Chapel

High School

Access to Campus Classes (up to 3) including AP & Honors Classes
Access to Guidance Counselor for H.S. and College Planning
ACT Prep Class
Class Ring/Varsity jacket
College Credit Plus
Commencement (if requirements are met)
Concert Band & Choir, Marching/Pep band
Extracurricular Activities & Clubs
Homecoming & Prom Events
House Mentoring Program
Musical and Theater Productions
OGT, ACT, PSAT, AP Testing
Senior Specific Banquets & Events
TAAC Athletics
TC Cares Community Outreach
Visual Arts, Ceramics, Photography
Weekly Chapel & High School Spiritual Events
Class Reunions & Alumni Events

Homeschool FAQs

Elementary students may participate in music, art, and gym. These classes are included as a part of their tuition and based on class availability. 

High school and junior high students have access to all the classes offered on the TC campus:  foreign language, science, math, language arts, history, Bible, physical education, fine arts and various electives. They may take up to 3 classes per semester with an additional charge to the base of Homeschool tuition.

The Independent Study/Homeschool Coordinator will maintain cumulative files that include: application for homeschooling program, oversight and accountability agreement, letter of excusal from residential district, accountability meeting/progress report notes, schoolwork samples, parent-issued report cards, testing results, health records. Parent issued diploma candidates will only receive on campus class grades on their TC transcript.

Homeschool students cannot earn a diploma from TC but will instead earn a parent issued diploma if coursework meets the Ohio Department of Education graduation requirements. Classical Christian curriculum is not required but is recommended. All curriculum should be in accordance with Toledo Christian Statement of Faith. The parent is responsible for the “parent issued” transcript and diploma with the guidance of the Independent Study/Homeschool Coordinator. In-house classes will be the only grades available on a TC transcript.  

Graduating seniors are eligible to join Commencement exercises, but will not be receiving a TC diploma in the mail.

Yes, Homeschool students can participate in CCP courses. College Credit Plus is a program where 7th-12th grade students can attend college classes, on campus or online. The credits they earn give them both high school and college credit. It is a program funded by the State of Ohio, and there is no cost to the students. The cost of books are included for students attending CCP at Owens Community College and the University of Toledo.  Parents must attend a mandatory yearly CCP meeting for their student to be eligible and apply for credits with the Ohio Department of Education.

A junior high or high student may play sports as a Homeschool student if they are enrolled in one academic class on campus per OHSAA rules. This can be any academic class of their choice that meets once a day for a full year and is worth one credit. Elementary students may participate in any TC sport clubs without participating in a class.  

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