Junior High (7-8)

Grades 7 - 8

At Toledo Christian we understand that junior high is a necessary bridge between the nurturing elementary years and independent high school years.  Knowing this, our seventh and eighth graders spend their days in a structured environment, supervised and instructed by caring, qualified staff that are focused on the academic, spiritual, and social/emotional development of the students.  Classes are designed to foster the logic stage of a classical education, deepening critical thinking and meeting the intrinsic need of all junior high students to question, discuss, and debate. The students are provided with multiple outlets designed to explore and discover their God-given talents and abilities.


Junior high students are developmentally at the dialectic or logic stage.  The emphasis of our classical curriculum in seventh and eighth grade addresses the students’ inherent need to question, challenge, and test things for themselves. The curriculum strategically builds on the strong foundation built during the elementary years, focusing on ancient and medieval history and literature, life and earth science, argumentative writing, Latin, mathematics, and a survey of the Old and New Testaments. In addition to the core curriculum, junior high students can select from several electives offered including Band, Choir, PE, Visual Arts.

Academic Activities

A well-rounded education goes beyond the regular classroom walls.  In addition to our daily schedule, junior high students have opportunities to participate in non-classroom activities such as TC Leads, the Power of the Pen Writing Club, Quiz Bowl, as well as our annual Great Shake competition. 

The TCLeads Leadership Program empower our young people to make positive, effective, and responsible choices, while building their leadership skills.  Community speakers engage with the students once a month, during a catered lunch, focusing specifically on one of the school's core values.

The Great Shake Competition is a multi-part, two-day event where students gain experience in public relations and public speaking.  All junior high students participate, eliminating participants as the competition progresses, ending in a final winner.

Academic Counseling & Guidance

Toledo Christian offers a licensed professional counselor to assist students with their social, emotional, and personal counseling needs. Toledo Christian is also a John Peterson provider, with an on-site Intervention Specialist to provide tailored care to John Peterson students.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) provides resources to promote student academic achievement and to help students achieve their highest academic potential. Tutors are available daily or weekly dependent on the student's needs and can be done one-on-one or in small groups. In addition to tutoring, students are also coached in study skills and executive skills (i.e. time management, organization, planning). Students requiring individual academic plans will meet regularly with our Academic Resource Advisor to monitor progress.


Toledo Christian is committed to the responsible and educational use of technology to enhance learning, while also protecting students from the dangers inherent in the use of technology. Our desire at Toledo Christian is to maintain an up-to-date and relevant 1:1 technology program that perfectly complements the Classical Christian education provided to our students. Students in grades 7-8 will be provided a Chromebook by Toledo Christian, remaining the property of Toledo Christian. Only Chromebooks purchased by TC will be connected to the school network. 


Student Life

At Toledo Christian, we make it our mission to help each junior high student become the person God meant him or her to be. We provide our students with opportunities to try new activities, while deepening long-standing skills and interests. 

ACCSDialectic or Logic Stage (7-8) of the Classical Christian education involves the study of argumentation and formal logic.  The emphasis fits well with the junior high and early high school years when young people begin to question, to challenge, and to test things themselves.  The Logic Stage will teach them how to integrate facts into a coherent system that reflects biblical truth.