High School (9-12)

Grades 9 - 12

High school is the exciting culmination of a student's experience at Toledo Christian.  Most importantly, for some, it is the time where they first begin to understand God and their need for His forgiveness through Jesus Christ.  This is the reason our teachers do not just teach subjects or merely prepare students to take a test, but rather lead students to discover and appreciate the truth, goodness, and beauty of God as revealed in all subjects.  All of this is accomplished within the context of a supportive Christian community where godly character is valued and fostered.


Our high school curriculum encourages students to be well-versed in the Great Conversation, engaging the Great Minds on:  God, Man, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Virtue in order to establish a more perfect communion with God and His creation.  Our students learn to excel in verbal, written, and technological skills for effective communication in the Rhetoric Stage of the curriculum.  We challenge our students to think critically, research and analyze effectively, draw logical conclusions, and make wise choices in order to enable them to pursue continuing education and career goals to which they aspire.

College Preparation

Our mission at Toledo Christian is to prepare students to follow Christ and impact culture. This includes preparing students for college and/or career readiness after graduation. Preparing students includes being proactive, starting as early as their freshman year in high school. Students and parents begin working with our School Counselor freshman year and develop a 4-year plan based on graduation requirements from the state, Toledo Christian, and individual student interests. TC staff help students be successful in their core courses and wisely choose elective courses that match their God-given talents and interests.

Toledo Christian offers a great variety of courses which includes over 20 Honors classes, Advanced Placement, and College Credit Plus online courses for high school students to pursue in preparation for their future. 

Toledo Christian uses an online resource called SCOIR to help students and families navigate their college application process.  SCOIR was designed to expand college access and improve collegiate outcomes. Also, a career interest inventory called YouScience helps students explore career opportunities.
Google Classroom
Each senior class has their own Google Guidance Classroom where scholarships, college information, summer camps, leadership opportunities, and more are posted!
High school students are also encouraged to take advantage of College Fairs, Career Day, and Career/Job Shadowing opportunities that are offered through their high school years.

Academic Counseling & Guidance

The High School Counselor's Office at Toledo Christian offers a licensed professional counselor to assist students with their social, emotional, and personal counseling needs, as well as a Guidance Counselor for academic and career planning. Toledo Christian is also a Jon Peterson provider, with an on-site Intervention Specialist to provide tailored care to Jon Peterson students.

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a collection of student services that include assistance with organization and study skills, drop-in tutoring to review lessons, or more intensive tutoring for students who need consistent help in a particular subject.  Tutors are provided for all subjects taught at Toledo Christian.  Our Academic Resource Advisor monitors grades weekly and contacts families if their student is struggling academically.  If students require more extensive assistance, individual Academic Success Plans are developed and outline specific study habits and daily routines to help each student be successful.


Toledo Christian is committed to the responsible and educational use of technology to enhance learning, while also protecting students from the dangers inherent in the use of technology. Our desire at Toledo Christian is to maintain an up-to-date and relevant 1:1 technology program that perfectly complements the Classical Christian education provided to our students. All freshman and all new students entering grades 10-12 will be provided a Chromebook by Toledo Christian, remaining the property of Toledo Christian. Only Chromebooks purchased by TC will be connected to the school network. 

Student Life

Helping each student become the person God created him or her to be means focusing on developing the whole student - academically, athletically, artistically, and spiritually.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of performance, creativity, and education.  Beyond the classroom, we provide our high school students with enriching programs and activities that expand their minds and provide fun in fellowship with one another. 

ACCSRhetoric Stage (9-12) of the Classical Christian education students learn how to express what he/she thinks in a manner worthy of the Truth.  Rhetoric includes teaching speech, debate, essay writing, etc.  Style and clear-minded expression are important.